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Visor Tax Prep Review 2021

Visor tax prep app
Visor Tax Prep App
  • Online app that connects you with tax preparers to get your taxes done
  • Upload a virtual shoebox of documents for your taxes
  • Flat rate pricing starts at $299

Visor Tax – Is It Ever Free?

Visor Tax is not a free platform. Pricing starts at $299 for state and Federal filing and increases from there. Visor Tax promises that it will give you access to a tax advisor. That type of financial advice is not free.

What’s New In 2021?

So far, Visor Tax  has not announced any major changes this tax filing season. It will continue to unite technology and tax advisors to make the tax filing process easier.

Visor Tax Pricing

Pricing starts at $299 for Federal filing and up to two states. However, the pricing escalated based on the complexity of your filing situation. The website offers a quick price estimate, but you’ll need to fill out a more robust survey to get your final prices.

The software increases in price by $99 for each additional layer of complexity.

Anyone who wants a tax professional to handle their return, but wants a reasonable price and online service.

2 States Included For Free, Then $99/each

Visor Tax’s prices are higher than a similar service offered by TurboTax. However, Visor Tax is a year-round tax service. Users are paired with a specific tax expert who can answer tax questions and file taxes for the user. The pricing is on-par with pricing for CPA’s in my local area.


Visor’s onboarding starts with a simple survey where users answer questions about their personal and tax situations. Once the interview is complete, Visor provides the user with a firm price quote. Users who want to proceed will be matched with a tax expert. 

After matching, users can upload financial documents directly to the secured website. This can be done via a phone (snapping pictures) or on the website. 

Your tax expert will then reach out with questions or clarifications. Visor has a chat support functionality within the app, but tax experts may also reach out via email.

Ease of Use

While Visor’s tax concept is simple, the implementation didn’t go well for the last few years. Many actual customers complained of slow response times, missed extension filings, and other costly errors.

Since Visor doesn’t advertise a customer service number, it is not clear whether they have a plan in place to address those concerns

Knowledge Articles

Visor Tax users shouldn’t need deep tax knowledge to get their taxes filed. However, Visor Tax has a blog to support its customers. Users can also connect with their matched tax advisor to get personalized tax support.


Visor boasts that it is a full-service tax-filing and tax-advising company. That means your tax advisor can answer all your personal tax questions, so you can plan better for the next year. It also files extensions and submits payments on behalf of users (when it makes sense). It does not offer audit protection guarantees or other add-ons.

Can Visor Help Me With My Crypto Investments?

Visor Tax supports users who need to file crypto investments. You’ll need to upload all your transactions, but your matched tax expert will do the heavy lifting for you.

Can Visor Help Me Claim A Missing Stimulus Check?

Visor’s tax experts will request information about stimulus money you received this year. If you qualify for a Rebate Recovery Credit, they will request it on your behalf. The credit will be lumped with any other refunds you receive.

How Does Visor Compare?

Visor Tax has several direct competitors. Some of the “brand name” full-service filing companies offer a similar service at a lower price point. For example, TurboTax Full Service starts at just $100 for Federal filing and $50 per state. Its maximum price is $210 for Federal and $50 per state.

By contrast, Visor Tax starts at $299 and the prices only increase from there.  However, Visor’s pricing is in-line with other “full service” tax companies such as Picnic Tax.

Final Thoughts On Visor In 2021

Combining Artificial Intelligence and human experts sounds like a perfect match for efficient and accurate tax filing. Unfortunately, Visor’s execution seems flawed. All reviews by actual users were rife with complaints. The company hasn’t addressed those complaints directly. We’re concerned that Visor Tax is not going to produce a quality service this year. 

Filers are advised to stay away. Picnic Tax offers a similar service at a similar price. Plus Picnic Tax has much more positive reviews.

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